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QR Codes (Classic + AI)

QR Codes (Classic + AI)

QR Codes solutions for every customer, business and brand experience.
AI QR Codes Art Features:
Fully customizable AI QR Codes Art
Dynamic QR Codes
QR Code types & destination options
Advanced analytics & tracking
Link Management

Link Management

A comprehensive solution to help make every point of connection between your content and your audience more powerful.
Popular Link Management Features:
URL shortening at scale
Custom links with your brand
URL redirects
Advanced analytics & tracking


Quick QR Art Link-in-bio, powered by Quick QR Art Links Management
Popular Link-in-bio Features:
Custom URLs for social media
Customizable landing page
Easy-to-manage links
Link and landing page tracking


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<Quick QR Art> 先日、バージョンアップしました! ①品質、ビジュアル、スキャン機能向上 ②新しいプリセットが追加されました: →17の魅惑的なプリセットが選択できます。 *以下詳細docs.quickqr.art/user-guide/presets-list

Alvaro Cintas


Artistic QR codes are the new viral trend. The problem is that you could not create them using your own picture or logo…until NOW. Here is how you can do it for free:

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Alvaro Cintas


Artistic QR codes are the new viral trend. And you can now create them for FREE in less than a minute. Here is how:

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1. Quick QR Art ブランドのアイデンティティを向上させるためにスキャン可能なQRコードアートを作成するツールです。シームレスな統合が可能で、AIを利用してカスタマイズ可能なデザインやカラーを生成できます。 🔗 ⇢ quickqr.art

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Sara Alolabi



Hey, I really like the idea and the work you guys are doing❤️👋🏻

Christian Henrik Nesheim

QR codes used to be boring. This year, they became interesting, aesthetically pleasing, creative works of art. This QR code will take you to IMI's newsletter signup. Go ahead and try to scan it. Can you think of some cool applications of this new tech? …see more

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