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Market Research Marco is an advanced AI agent designed to assist with the intricate tasks of market research. Marco is adept at coding, sentiment analysis, and managing the entire analysis workflow. With a suite of unique AI tools, Marco can evaluate taxonomies, upload CSV files, export knowledge, categorize sample text data, bulk run text analysis, summarize categories, extract quotes, and identify themes within responses.

Use cases

Market Research Marco can be utilized by businesses to analyze customer feedback, by academic researchers studying survey responses, or by marketing teams looking to understand consumer sentiment. Whether it’s evaluating the effectiveness of a marketing campaign, understanding customer satisfaction, or identifying market trends, Marco provides valuable insights that can drive strategy and innovation.


Market Research Marco offers a streamlined approach to market research data analysis. By automating the coding and categorization process, Marco saves time and reduces the potential for human error. The ability to quickly summarize and extract quotes from large datasets allows users to easily interpret and present their findings, making informed decisions based on accurate data analysis.

How it works

Marco operates by first evaluating the provided taxonomy to ensure it’s optimized for analysis. Users can upload their CSV files containing survey data, which Marco then processes to extract insights. The agent can perform bulk text analysis, categorize responses, and conduct sentiment analysis. Once the analysis is complete, Marco can summarize the findings, extract relevant quotes, and identify key themes, providing a comprehensive understanding of the data.